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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I trust your Service Technicians in my home?

A: Yes.  We do complete background checks on all of our Service Technicians and they are fully trained to preform maintenance on your appliances and home systems.

Q: Does Happy House carry the proper insurance in case of an accident in my home?

A: Yes.  Not only are we bonded but also carry General Liability insurance.

Q: Why would I want to use Happy House for repair work when I can call someone myself?

A: Besides the convenience of being able to call one number for all your home’s needs, we have an on-going relationship with you through our monthly preventative maintenance service.  If you receive repair work through Happy House we stand behind the work and your satisfaction.

Q: Can I cancel my monthly preventative maintenance agreement at any time?

A: Absolutely and with no penalty.

Q: I live out of town during the Summer months.  Can I pause my maintenance while I am away?

A: Yes but we do not recommend it because with the high humidity levels during the Summer in Florida your air conditioner should be running to keep mildew from growing, therefore, you’re A/C filter(s) should still be replaced each month.  Also, because a Service Technician will be coming to your home each month we will be able to alert you if we see any concerns regarding your home.


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