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Happy House Services

Happy House Service Company keeps all of your home systems and appliances properly maintained — extending their life, minimizing your electric bill, and reducing the chances of a home fire.


Sign up for a customized home service plan and get one trusted partner who can help with any service your home needs including: lawn, pool, cleaning, repair/remodeling, and preventative maintenance services. With our preventative maintenance plan our team will ensure the following appliances and systems are properly maintained per the manufacturer’s recommendations:


  • Clean Clothes Dryer Duct
  • Flush Water Heater
  • Change A/C filters
  • Clean A/C Drain Line
  • Change Smoke Detector Batteries
  • Inspect Fire Extinguishers
  • Lubricate Garage Door
  • Check Auto Reverse on Garage Door
  • Clean Sinks & Inspect Garbage Disposal
  • Clean Refrigerator Coils
  • Clean Drinking Water Tube
  • Inspect Electrical Breaker Panel
  • Test Water for Lead
  • Lubricate Sliding Glass Doors
  • Replace Light Bulbs


When you’re a part of our customized home service plan, our technicians (who all go through an extensive background check) work to ensure that your home appliances and systems last longer, run efficiently and safely by performing the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance. And, if you need a repair, we’ll send the appropriate certified professional to your home right away.


We Do It All…With Just One Call!

Start the process to protect your home, wallet, and family today. Get started with a Happy House Service Company plan now.

Contact us today to get started with your customized service plan.

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